Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- Good Morning!

John Michael loves Mitzi.
Mitzi tolerates John Michael.

But one thing is for sure...
John Michael LOVES Greta...

and it's mutual. 

He's so full of love and hugs and kisses this morning that he doesn't want to eat.
Do you remember the last time you were so in love that you didn't want to eat?

Oh, and if you missed the excitement on Facebook,
John Michael is going to have a baby brother in early June.  Yes, another BOY!
The girls are adjusting to the fact that we'll have more boys in the family than girls, but that's how it goes...

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  1. and he will have lots of love to share with his baby brother ( so cute)...congratulations

  2. Congratulations!!! I didn't even realize you were expecting until a few posts ago. That will be one loved on baby brother :)

    We still don't know the gender of #5 - but it will be a tiebreaker also. Only 8 more weeks to wait, though!

    God bless!

  3. Having another little boy will be such a joy! How exciting! So happy for you all!

    I just love the kisses and hugs shown in the pics! Reminds me of my 3 with Brayden!

  4. Sweet pictures! Love all of the sibling love! And congratulations again on the little boy!

  5. Congrats, another boy is going to be so much fun!!! I wish I had some more boys.
    The pics are super! and I love your owls!! Nice header pic. Your kids are beautiful.

  6. Monica, I just love these pictures! I swear we have parallel families! (except I wish I was expecting again, too...I'm so jealous!) Can't wait to keep up with you and am anticipating the arrival of baby brother! Names??

  7. Love the pics, so sweet. I love that he loves the Dog. Sam loves Buster and will crawl after him all the time. Buster tolerates him. It's so funny to see.

  8. Congratulations! Smiling for you and your family.
    A buddy for John Michael - I can not wait to see these two in action!

    Dare I ask if you are getting ANY rest for yourself...? I sure hope so :)

  9. he is soo cute

    I gave u an award come and get it

  10. Monica,

    stop by my blog - I have tagged you and have something to share :)

  11. Congrats!!! I've been away for a while. It is great to catch up on your sweet family... expanding family I see. =0)

  12. I love the photos. And congrats on the baby boy! JM will make a wonderful big brother, but of course you already knew that. ;-)
    I love his pj's. Matthew had the same ones when he was a year old but his feet are so wide that he was better off with feetless sleepers. And we just put socks on him at night.