Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look what I can do... at 2!

It's been a while since I've posted an update on John Michael's abilities. 
There's so much to write, but I'll condense it into the biggies.

John Michael has had an explosion in gross motor skills, like walking... FAST and not falling too much anymore. He can use a step stool to climb up on the rocking chair to rock, or reach the bathroom sink to throw stuff in, or to climb over our big bath tub and get in.

His receptive language is expanding to the point where he'll follow a simple direction to bring something (like his poopy diaper) to the kitchen from his bedroom. He still doesn't listen to the word, "No," but distraction works most of the time.

His language skills are increasing. He is learning new signs rapidly and freely using the ones he already knows. He's pointing and making choices (like milk vs. juice or spaghetti vs. soup). He's making many beginning sounds when prompted and makes lots of animal sounds on his own. Baa, nay nay, oi oi (for pig), hoo hoo (owl), grrr for tiger, and a hilarious blast of air with his juicy lips for elephant, while raising his arm up high for the trunk. His rooster sound is unrepeatable by any other human, unless their trachea is also "floppy". It's hilarious! If I could, I'd take him to San Francisco on a street corner to put on his "show". He'd have everyone in stitches and maybe we'd earn enough to make it a viable side job :-)

Cognitively, he's right at about 23 to 24 months, according to the Denver test, which is fantastic. I'm loving this new boost in learning. While he was learning to walk, his language skills slowed way down and he was pretty quiet for a while. He's mastered walking quite well and I guess his brain is now ready for the next challenges.

He continues to give hugs and kisses freely and often unprompted. Says Mama and Dada when he sees us. Recognizes family members in pictures, points to familiar objects in books, says "Oma" and "Opa" for my parents and Doug's mom, and is learning to make the Sign of the Cross for prayers at mealtime and to fold his hands. It's precious. I can't get enough of this little guy.

I can use my fork to eat cubed liverwurst sandwiches.  YUM!
(Yes, my mom knows what it's made from -- she's German!)

And look how neatly I can bring the fork to my mouth. I love to eat all textures, except green food.
I can spot a green bean a mile away and spit it out even if it's buried in other food.

I love to pretend I'm swinging on bars at Greta's gymnastics studio.

Big sis, Greta, after her Holiday Show this morning.
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  1. I love it. He is doing so well. It is not hard at all to join up with Mr. Linky. Next time just put your name and Blog URL in the required blanks, and you're set.

    Great way to connect with other families and keep updated.

    Thanks for sharing with me.

    Many blessings,

  2. what a great update!! Way to go, John Michael!!

  3. What a fantastic update! I'm so proud of JM and all the great progress he is making!!

  4. He's doing so great and he's so cute too!

  5. What a fantastic update! HE is doing fabulous... LOVE it!!!

  6. John Michael, you never cease to amaze me... and Monica, you are an inspiration. How your family naturally guides John Michael through each new success at his pace, with your family's modeling, and look at the success it brings! Now, if only Sheridan would model how neatly John Michael eats ;-)

  7. He is doing awesome! You must be thrilled where he is cognitively!!n And, he is as cute as ever.

  8. Wauw, such progress! And Greta at the gym, cool! Joep goes to toddlergym every wednesday with mommy too, lots of fun. And very typical, Wim feels the same way about red vegetables as Jm does about green ones.
    Happy holidays, love to everyone,

  9. Wow, beautiful post! I LOVED hearing how well that John Michael is doing...I'm such a sap these days that I was teary eyed and felt so proud! He is doing so well and we are all so happy for John Michael and his accomplishments and the rest of your family!

  10. John Michael you are Amazing!!!!
    BTW, we love liverwurst too!!!

  11. such a big boy, way to go JM! He is just too cute! I miss Noah at that age!

  12. what a great update on all John Michael is doing!

  13. I'm so excited that John Michael is doing so well!! He gives me hope for Ruby :)