Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I'd Like to Say...

"How old is he? Can he walk yet?" People ask me this all the time. "He's 13 months old -- no he isn't walking yet..." Then I smile and walk away...
What I'd like to say is...
"Well, no, he isn't walking yet, but you should see what he CAN do. He can crawl to wherever he wants to go; he can climb up on furniture bracing himself on his knees; he can roll a ball; he can chase after the cat; he can pull the dog's tail; he can reach as high as his little arms will go; he can smile so big that his cheeks look like little rosy apples; he can pull your hair before you can turn away; he can give juicy, wet, open-mouthed kisses, he can throw himself back at the right place when we play bouncing, rhyming games on my lap, he can recognize many words and looks in the direction of all his family members, the cat, the dog, the trees, his juice or milk, his Binky; he can make just about anyone smile with his deep blue, marbled eyes and charming wide open grin; he can bang out some great notes on the piano and help his music therapist play the guitar; and he can melt hearts. These are just a few of things he can do. Thanks for asking and have a nice day."
That's what I'd like to say.


  1. My wife and I get tired of the same comparisons being made. We often get caught up in meeting certain milestones by a certain time that it is difficult to relax and enjoy them just being a baby/kid. One thing that all of our kids have taught us is that they will learn it in their own time - John included.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, I can relate!

    Except, many times, I do give the things she can do answer. And you know, most of the time people smile and celebrate with me! Because those are the things she can do!

  3. I saw your post over by "By the Seat of my Pants"

    I usually don't have a lot of time for reading blogs, but sometimes I check a few. My daughter Ricki (who has DS) is now 14 years old. Come visit if you want a view of lidfe with a spunkey teen!(But I am not Catholic... But yes, I agree $100- G-d does not make mistakes. Unfortunately, we sometimes do.....

  4. Very well put. You've hit the nail right on the head with this post!